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Anonymous asked : Ever had a boyfriend? Being a Muslim girl how do you keep a boyfriend need some advice

As a Muslim girl, the concept of dating/having a bf is a complicated situation. Yes, I’ve had relationships in the past but in order for them to prevail, you have to truly consider if you see them being a part of your future and going the Halal route. A lot of the times, couples fail to see this or ignore that route, and often times, it doesn’t work out. I wish you the best on your relationship! That’s just a little advice from me :)

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Hello :)

Anonymous asked : Heartless

Not heartless, just honest.

Anonymous asked : Could you see yourself with a non Muslim in the future?


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How do you know you’re in love?
  • —COMMON: Man, I know I’m in love when I think about her a lot and I’m finding ways to get to that person. Even though I gotta work, even though I gotta take care of other responsibilities, I’m like yo, when am I gonna fly out and see that person? I look forward to seeing them.
  • —KENDRICK LAMAR: How do you know you’re in love? When your heart feels it instead of your mind and your penis don’t. You know, it’s deeper than that… That’s when you know.
  • —PETE ROCK: Oh man you feel it right here, *touches heart*, right there, it’s like cupid’s shooting you in the heart, that shit’s just BOOW! Lots of people say they don’t believe in love at first sight, but I do, it’s happened to me.
  • —A$AP ROCKY: You know you in love cuz you don’t want nobody else but that person. You know, that’s how you know for sure. Like you could see a million other bad bitches, but you know, but it don’t even matter, you stuck.
  • —BIG BOI: Your heart flutters a little bit, you like to kiss on the mouth a lot, your neck get hot when you kiss on the mouth, that type of stuff. Stuff like that, yea.